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Server Motherboard Meltdown

August 28th, 2009 No comments

MSI P4N Diamond MotherboardUnfortunately the server Bytearray is hosted on had a relatively major meltdown. The heatsink that sits on top of the northbridge chipset on the motherboard has a small aggressive fan… which completely melted, hence the northbridge chipset got a little hot and toasted it’s self. Removing the heatsink from the motherboard was quite difficult as the thermal pasted and turned into “concrete”. Once off there were clear signs of scorching around the chip, fortunately the CPU and RAM are still fully functional as are the disks in the machine so no data was lost :)

I guess I got 3-4 years good server use out of my MSI P4N Diamond Motherboard. Originally the motherboard was replaced with an Asus board due to stability issues during over-clocking (motherboard was originally used for gaming). Overall not overly impressed with the motherboard, I should have stuck with my instinct and brought Asus originally.

The replacement board is an Asus P5N-D nForce 750i (fanless), which offered the path of least resistance in terms of a quick fix.

Asus P5N-DToasted Fan

Melted Fan

Toasted Northbridge


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